Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adverb of Frequency

Adverb of frequency adalah adverb (kata keterangan) yang menerangkan seberapa sering suatu kejadian terjadi. Adverb of frequency menjawab pertanyaan “how often”.

Always Usually Sometimes Normally
Frequently Often Seldom Generally
Ever Ever Never Hardly ever

Dalam kalimat, adverb of frequency menempati tiga posisi utama :
Sesudah be
He is usually late on Monday
They are always late in the morning

Sesudah auxiliary
She will never be late in the afternoon
I could hardly recognize you last night

Sebelum verb
He seldom arrives early on Monday
I never met him when I was in London three months ago

Always, generally, normally, often, regularly, dan usually, dalam kalimat negative, biasanya ditempatkan sesudah “not”.
He does not always come early on Mondays.
She is not often late on Friday.

Generally, normally, often, dan usually, biasanya ditempatkan sesudah subjek untuk penekanan khusus.
Mother normally does not worry if the children come home late.
We generally do not take English course on Saturday afternoon.

Sometimes dan frequently ditempatkan antara be dan not, atau di depan “is not”, “does not”, atau “did not”.
My father is sometimes not at home on Monday.
My father sometimes is not at home on Monday.

They are frequently not at home on Saturday morning.
They frequently are not at home on Saturday morning.

Normally, generally, sometimes, dan usually bisa ditempatkan di awal kalimat untuk menunjukkan penekanan khusus.
Normally, father does not worry if the children come home late.
, I come home late at night.

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